Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

FAQs - Membership
Before you email us for help, feel free to browse through our FAQs below. We provide clear and complete answers to commonly asked questions and queries, compiled from members and visitors. Still cannot find the answers you require, click here to email us now.
How many free tips do I get if your tips lose or draw?
You will receive 2 free tips for each tips you purchased from us, ending in a lose or a draw. The 2 free tips will be sent automatically on the nearest match days with the same tips ratings you purchased.
What if the 2 free tips also lose or draw? Do I get additional free tips?
Sadly, the answer is no! We do not further replace if the 2 free tips awarded ended up with no profits again. However, if both the free tips lose or draw, we will give you 1 extra tips credits for free, on your next purchase within 7 days from the last purchase.
How do I receive the tips?
To allow you easy access to our tips and the convenience of making a late purchase, our system enable you to access our tips INSTANTLY after your payment has been approved. No more worries about not receiving the tips due to network congestion or any other reasons. You paid for the tips, you get immediate access. Simple as that!
What type of odds you recommend on your tips?
We employ the most popular Asian Handicap Odds for all our tips, no exception. No tips will be given in any other type of odds. Our tips are sent based on the aggregated odds from at least 5 major Asian Handicap Odds bookmakers, to make sure the odds are indeed available for all our members to place their bets securely. Minimum odds 1.80 and above for better returns!
Do you have long term membership, weekly or monthly?
Sorry, only per tips membership are provided as of now. We can negotiate better deals for members buying in bulk, with minimum 10 tips and above. Talk to us for better rates!
Can I request for free trial tips?
To ensure all our paying members are treated with respect, we do not provide any free trial tips under any circumstances. 99% of those who request for free trial tips do not have the intentions to purchase tips. So we rather take good care of those who appreciate our services!
Are your tips history genuine?
If you do not trust us, or do not think our tips history are genuine, please look for another tipster. No amount of explanation will satisfy your curiosity. Made the final decision yourself!
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